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We have a full range of Media Production courses on offer, none of which sums up our multi-platform ethos better than BA (Hons) Interactive Media Production.

Students on this course can be seen producing work for iPhones, iPads, computer games for phones and PCs, interactive websites and even public installations

Below are final year projects from last year’s graduates that showcase the high standards being produced by our graduates:


Graduate Hamish Anderson won the Best Undergraduate Entertainment Category at the 16th Royal Television Society Student Awards. 'Shadowed' is an experimental tap dance film, mixed with a new music genre called Dubstep.

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Octopult - Daniel Fountain


"Octopult" is an iPad and iPhone game. The players manoeuvre a friendly cartoon octopus in an intuitive and tactile way on his upwards, physics laden journey.

Octopus is hungry, very hungry. He doesn't care what he eats, but has managed to polish off all the tasty goodies in the sea. The only remaining food appears to be above the surface. What does he do? He jumps!

Going where no squid has gone before, he takes a leap of faith to fill his stomach. Powerful suckers grab whatever they find and drag them back to the depths. Seagulls: Yum. Cruise passengers: Yummier.

But his hunger gets the better of him. He grows in size and gets greedier. Leaping further and gripping stronger. Boats: No problem. Helicopters: Bring it on! Spaceships? We'll see.


Rawkets - Robin Hawkes


"Rawkets" is a massively multiplayer game in which you can shoot and interact with other players, in real-time, in space! It uses the latest Web technologies, including HTML5 canvas and WebSockets.

Play Rawkets: Website:

Touchtune - Stephen Coates


"TouchTune" is an innovative new music making tool. It uses the latest in browser-based technology to create a truly interactive musical experience.

TouchTune uses the new Firefox Audio API alongside the HTML5 Canvas element and the Processing JS javascript framework to produce a beautiful native web application.

TouchTune is made up of two parts; TouchTune and ChaosPad. TouchTune enables the user to create beautiful melodies by touching the different positions on the screen. ChaosPad is the more reckless cousin allowing the user to create more freeform melodies within the browser window.

Website: - Glynn Phillips

"" is an online application to help action sports cyclists discover new locations.

My aim was to produce an application for a sporting community that I am passionate about. The information provided on the site is user generated by other cyclists who have visited the locations. Users will have the ability to leave feedback, ratings and photos for a location to help inform other cyclists of the locations pros and cons.


Fran Pugh

"GrooveBox" is an interactive art installation exploring emotional responses to dance and interactivity.

The project uses OpenCV computer vision to allow users to interact with the piece. The main aim is to see if participants will overcome feelings of self-consciousness and start to dance.

The project sound consists of a single electronic dance music track which has been separated into individual looped components. Each individual layer of sound is revealed to the user, dependent on their level of movement, so the track builds as the user moves around. The project also has an interactive graphic which responds to movement.

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For further examples of our students' work, please visit the Interactive Media Gallery.

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